Evaporative cooler filter pads

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Woodwool / Excelsior evaporative filter pads

The evaporative filter pads are constructed from woodwool. The sophisticated term for ‘Woodwool' is ‘Excelsior'.

Peach Filters Pty Ltd manufactures and supplies evaporative filter pads to Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria. South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Resists fungi

Peach Filters

Peach Filters Pty Ltd uses aspen excelsior in its evaporative filter pads because it resists fungi growth and will not turn brown and sour as rapidly as other timbers.


Odourless and chemically inert, aspen excelsior is most absorbent & wettable and water spreads freely over its surface by capillary action alone. Importantly, under test it cools air to lower temperatures than most other materials (up to 30%) and it has a useful life of approximately 12 months.

Filter Facts

Some materials, such as plastic, rubber, foam, cardboard or fibre glass may have a longer useful life with the option of washing the media and replacing it, but the at least 30% extra cooling efficiency of aspen excelsior used in our evaporative filter pads more than justifies the comparatively low annual replacement cost of the aspen excelsior.