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There is something fulfilling about cleaning your house from top to bottom, but if you miss one crucial step in the process, your home may not be as clean as you had hoped. The air conditioning unit in your home is great at keeping you cool, but it’s also a trap for dirt, dust, and a host of other germs that might ended up getting blown back into the air that you breathe.

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Energy-Efficient AC Utilises 2 Different Cooling Modes

Utilising evaporative filter pads,

Blue e+ units are already generating a great deal of attention from consumers and HVAC industry professionals alike.

These units have the ability to offer a fundamentally new, radically improved approach to energy efficient air conditioning.


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The quality of air on the outside

Switching on an air conditioner in South Australia is a must when the heat of the summer months is at its highest.

We stock Aspen (wood-wool) and Celdek evaporative filter pads for all evaporative units.filter pads

There is nothing quite like the relief that you feel from cool air filling a hot room, but have you ever taken time to consider what it might be doing to your health? Most people are aware that the quality of air on the outside can have a major effect on the health of the general population, but that same issue may well be seeping into your home or your business through your air conditioning unit. Consider evaporative filter pads to filter the air you breath.

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