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The Australian climate can at times be both hot and dry. In order to combat the climate conditions especially in the summer, evaporative coolers are used to cool buildings down. They work on the principle that as water evaporates, it removes heat. That is why this kind of cooling is known as evaporative cooling. Ducted evaporative air-conditioning is used to pump cooled air throughout a building and it allows a person’s home to stay cool especially in the hot Australian summers.


Centrifugal fans

There are two main types of evaporative coolers in Australia. The first kind is referred to as a centrifugal design. In this design the fan is a drum shaped fan. It is generally quieter and tends to have less installation problems. They are also less affected by variations in manufacturing especially when changing from one unit to another. The downsides are that they tend to use more energy and they cost more than the axial fan. The axial fan is a propeller shaped fan. This kind of fan tends to cost less the centrifugal fan and it uses less energy. However they are louder and are more affected by manufacturing variations.


The centrifugal fan is normally used for large buildings. The axial fan is used for small buildings. The next part of the evaporative cooler is the kind of pad that is used. There are also two main kinds of evaporative filter pads. The first kind is the celdek pad. This kind of pad is made from corrugated paper with a binder. It holds its shape much better than a woodwool pad, retains its performance longer, and it allows air pass through more readily. The downside is that it needs to be protected from birds with a screen and they are expensive.

Celdek pads

The woodwool pad is made from shredding timber. They can be cleaned with a pressure washer or a garden hose and they cost less. The downsides are that they do not last as long as the celdek pad, they need regular teasing out because the wood fibers tend to shrink. That causes them to move to the center of the pad and allows extra air to push through the thin spots. Finally many of them are of a poor quality.


It is normally better to choose the celdek pad. The pad thickness is vital to good performance of the cooler. It should be at least 75mm thick, but better pads are as much as 100mm thick. A woodwool pad should be at least 50mm thick. Once the cooling unit is installed, you will find that the house will be much cooler than a building that does not have a cooler in it.


Evaporative filter pads

Summertime in Australia can get really hot. It is best to stay comfortable indoors when the heat is really out of control. Make sure you take the time to reduce the heat inside your home by having an experienced contractor install an evaporative cooler. It will make a huge difference in your life.