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These days, it can be difficult to find quality return air filter material for ducted air conditioners. This difficulty is compounded even further if you’re an individual looking to replace your air conditioning filter. As an individual, you don’t have access to the same warehouses and wholesalers that licensed and skilled repairmen do.

Those same licensed and skilled repairmen also cost quite a bit; some charge by the hour, while others charge per process. And inevitably, something else is going to go wrong that requires you to call them again and again and thereby end up spending more money on a simple air conditioning filter replacement.

DIY replacement air conditioning filters

Luckily, we provide DIY replacement air conditioning filters.

Perusing our website can give you more details on the cutting edge technology behind the air filters that we offer, some important things to expect (such as the lifetime of the filter), and what makes evaporative air filters so much better in terms of quality.

Quality aircon filters can normally be difficult to find online, since many providers won’t ship to Australia. And finding one in stores can be just as frustrating since the sales associates don’t know the ins and outs of your home.



DIY replacement air conditioning filters are hit or miss with many, since the quality can be so low. Here at Evaporative Filters, however, we provide quality return air filter media for ducted air conditioners.


Our evaporative air conditioning filters do so much more than filter the air in your home or business. They resist fungi, thereby reducing the risk of breathing in harmful pathogens and spores. These high tech and high quality air filters are also much more efficient at cooling the air than traditional plastic and fibre glass media.

Evaporative filters are 30% more efficient at cooling air

Sure, the more traditional materials (plastic, rubber, foam, cardboard or fibre glass) can easily be washed and reused for a couple of years, but the cooling quality is so low in comparison to evaporative air filters. In fact, evaporative filters are 30% more efficient at cooling air.


Evaporative aircon filters last up to a year, but the replacement cost (especially for if you’re trying to cut costs by installing and updating the air filter yourself) is relatively cheap in comparison to the cost of traditional media. They’re high quality air filter material for ducted air conditioners that are better at cooling and cleansing air than traditional air filters.


If you’re looking for top notch DIY replacement air conditioning filters online, then evaporative air filters are certainly the way to go. They’re high quality air conditioning filters that get the job done, with materials that are much more high tech than traditional materials. They are odourless, and chemically inert (meaning that there are none of the harmful chemicals that you find in traditional aircon filters), so they’re safe to use around your family.