Breezair evaporative air conditioning

eco friendly evaporative cooling pads

When it gets hot outside, there is nothing better than stepping inside a building that is being cooled by air conditioning. The problem is that running the AC for an extended period of time means having to take some bad with the good. Once that monthly bill comes in from the electricity company, the desire to turn on your unit becomes less appealing, and let’s not forget that all of those AC units running across the country are not helping the environment. There is an answer to all of this, though, and it comes in the shape of something called evaporative cooling.

How evaporative cooling works

If this type of cooling is something that you have never heard of before, allow us to take a moment to explain how it all works. Water plays an important role in this type of cooling, as it is pulled from a reservoir and dropped onto filter pads that are part of the evaporative cooling system. The air blows through those pads and delivers a blast of cool air without having to use as much power as a traditional AC unit. You can see how this works by blowing on your fingers when they are dry and then doing it again when they are wet. You will see that the air feels much colder when your fingers are wet.


It’s always a good idea to have this type of system installed by the pros, and an even better one if you use a great system like the Breezair evaporative cooling setup from Seeley International. Seeley have developed a solid reputation for delivering cooling systems that are quite simply the best on the market. Once you have it installed in your home or business, you will very quickly start reaping all of the benefits that it provides.

Financial savings

The most obvious benefit is the financial savings that you will experience once you have the Breezair system installed in your home. The actual amount that you save will of course depend on the size of the space that has to be cooled, but it’s not uncommon for a family that pays close to $400 per year in cooling costs to see their total annual bill drop under $40 once the system is in place and operating year round. This happens because the system is so efficient, and you will also love how quiet it is while in operation.

Since the Breezair doesn’t use as much energy as a standard air conditioning unit, its impact on the environment is nowhere near as bad. This unit doesn’t use any type of synthetic refrigerants, which means that the number of greenhouse gases produced is minimal at worst. If you are in the market for a new cooling system for your home of business, but are tired of paying out ridiculous sums of money every month, you really need to make the switch to Breezair evaporative cooling.