Evaporative cooling energy use

eco friendly evaporative cooling pads

If you don’t think that running the air conditioner uses up a lot of energy, take a look at your monthly power bill during the summer months when you have the AC running at full blast. The fact of the matter is that ducted air conditioning blows, sucks money out of your wallet as it blows cool air into your home or business. To make matters worse, the amount of energy used up means that a pretty sizeable carbon footprint is left, which is not good for the environment. If you are looking to save money and be a little more eco-friendly, you need to look at evaporative cooling for your air conditioning and ducted gas heating needs.

Evaporative cooling

An evaporative cooling system is actually quite ingenious in the way in which it works and saves energy. What happens is that water is constantly fed onto evaporative filters placed in the ducted AC. Once the air passes through those filters, it becomes that much cooler, much in the way that regular air conditioning feels colder when your body is wet. What that means is that less energy is used to deliver more heat, which is a win/win scenario for you and the environment.

Arguably your best option when it comes to evaporative cooling filter pads are those made of woodwool, which are commonly referred to as Excelsior pads. The reason that this material works so well when compared to others is because of its ability to resist fungal growth. You have to remember that these pads are kept in a constant moist state, where fungus usually tends to be at home. The Excelsior pads are odourless, so do not discolour, and most certainly do not become sour like many of the other filter pad options available out there.

Excelsior pads

It is for this reason that Excelsior pads have become the choice for those looking at evaporative cooling energy as the way to go for their home or business. The one thing that you need to remember when going with this type of set-up is that the Excelsior pads need to be routinely changed out every 12 months. If they are not, you will see that your efficiency levels will quickly begin to drop. While some may view this as a negative, you will still find that Excelsior pads are about 30% more efficient that the alternatives, which more than justifies the small annual fee for replacement. Environmentally friendly filter pads!


It is important that you go with a professional installer when making the switch to evaporative cooling. If you find someone trying to talk you out of Excelsior pads or telling you that they will last well beyond that 12 month period, look elsewhere. A professional installer will be able to break down how you can become more energy efficient with evaporative cooling, whilst also making you aware of the need for annual filter pad replacement. This is not an upsell, it is something that is required to keep your system running at maximum efficiency.