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Replacement Evaporator Filters

The progress of replacement evaporator filters over the years has been extraordinary as they offer a unique service which more businesses are using every day. How these filters work is to clear the air while providing the right type of protection needed for air flow systems. As noted in the following test project, the performance of this particular evaporator filter went above expectations.

MSP Airport Humphrey Project

This particular project consisted of two separate filtration systems where Tekleen Automatic Filters were installed on two cooling towers located at the MSP Airport Humphrey in the #2 terminal. One system was installed well ahead of the other in order to confirm the function and efficiency of the filters being used. By the following season, the second filter system was installed for the second cooling tower.

When you consider that MSP Airport Humphrey consists of 17.5 million square feet of internal space which includes both terminal ramps as well as other buildings, you can see just how big a project this turned out to be. It used a building automation system to track the operation of the systems and the associated devices. On the #2 terminal, the units were installed to provide operational data and information to the managers of the facility.

MSP Airport

The Challenges of the Project

Before the replacement evaporator filters were installed, the cooler nozzles were constantly being stopped up from many types of containments. Dirt, debris, insects, rust and more were continually clogging up the nozzles which added a great deal of expense to maintaining the cooling system. There was a significant cleaning effort that resulted in the system being shut down much for long periods of time. The result was that the MSP Airport wanted a viable solution that could keep the cooling towers functioning properly without having to commit such as large force for maintenance purposes. Overall, the new filters were tried in an attempt to rectify the situation.

The Results of the Project

When the new replacement evaporator filters were installed, they were meant to keep the cooling system cleaner and to lower the maintenance efforts. At #2 terminal, the heated water from the chilling device is cooled inside the tower thanks to a heat exchanger before it sent back into the device. Thanks to the self cleaning filters, all the debris that would normally pile up inside the nozzles was instead filtered out so they remained open and working. So efficient were the new filters that maintenance efforts were greatly reduced.

Overall, what once required manual cleaning by a large staff five to six times a week and with long periods where the cooling system was shut off now requires only minimal maintenance at best thanks to the new filtration system. Before, the small size of the nozzles required a grueling cleaning process that would last for a long time. Now, the service is performed just two times every summer as opposed to five or six times a week. All things considered, the new replacement evaporator filters have saved about $150,000 in labour costs during their time on the job.