2 Important Features of the Best Evaporative Cooler Pads

eco friendly evaporative cooling pads

It’s important that you have top-quality filter pads in your evaporating units, as these pads clean out the air being circulated for maximum efficiency of your unit and add water to the air to cool it. When the pads become worn out and need replacing, or if they aren’t working as well as they should, your evaporator will work harder to cool the air or it won’t work at all!


Evaporators work by pulling outside air through a filter which in turn adds moisture to the air. This moisture keeps the air cooler and more comfortable. The pad is one of the most important parts of this unit as it holds the moisture that will be added to the air and cleans the air as it passes through. To choose the best evaporative filter pads consider a few simple tips. This will help you decide the best brand and the right materials for your evaporator.


One drawback to evaporative air filters is that the pads need to be changed often since they are holding moisture and filtering airflow. Depending on the type of cooler you choose and the pad it uses, this could be as much as once a month; more durable pads can last for several months and even longer.

Poor quality pads can break down and begin to sag because they’re holding so much water and because of the sediment that gets backed up in the filter. When they’re not changed, the air quality becomes very poor and the evaporator does not cool the air as it should.

Choosing durable evaporative cooler pads will keep you from having to change your pads anymore than necessary. Note how long the pads should last, so you choose the best type for your evaporator.


Note the Cooling Efficiency

Some manufacturers will claim that their pads have a longer shelf life because of the materials used to make them, but these may not perform as well when it comes to actually cooling the air. Plastic, foam, rubber, or fibreglass all their own cooling efficiency rating, meaning the percent of cooling they can offer.

This cooling efficiency is very important when using an evaporator for cooling a commercial space as it can protect computers and other equipment that create heat when used. To choose the best evaporative cooler pads Australian made invest in one that offers the cooling power you need.