Evaporative Cooling or Regular Air Conditioning

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When considering purchasing an evaporative cooling system compared to regular air conditioning, the very first thing to consider in a long line of advantages is the price. You can cool your entire home for a fraction of the price with evaporative cooling units that you would pay with a comparable refrigerated unit.


All of these savings come from the fact that an evaporative cooler systems run for less money since they use less power than a wall unit that only cools one room of your house.

Fresh and filtered air thanks to evaporative filter pads

So not only is this a cheaper option, it is a more effective one as well. It is cheaper when you purchase it and cheaper as you use it. As an added bonus, you are doing something nice for the environment by using something that sucks up less power. You no longer have to worry about exorbitant air-con fees when leaving your unit on all day, because no it can cost way less!

Additionally, an evaporative cooler is much easier to replace and repair. For a refrigerated model, costs can quickly climb to $1800 if the compressor fails. With an evaporative system, the most expensive thing you ever might have to replace would be the motor, which runs between $400 and $500 dollars. The choice here is pretty clear.
Another advantage is that evaporative air conditioners provide you with a continuous flow of fresh and filtered air thanks to evaporative filter pads. The airflow in your home will no longer be stale, un-circulated air, but always fresh and cool. This makes it healthier and more natural for your family! It is true that refrigerated units also filter the air, but their air-filters require maintenance often. Contrary to this, the evaporative model cleans the air-filter automatically and regularly. You never have to deal with stale air when it comes to evaporative cooling systems.

Evaporative coolers cheaper

Since refrigerated air conditioning units have such elevated operating costs, they are designed to only cool a small section of the house at a time, as doing anything more would demand a ridiculous amount of energy. With evaporative cooling you don’t have to guess which rooms you will be using most or where it is most important to you to be cool. Now, you can be cool everywhere in your home all at once! All while saving money.

Since you can now continuously cool your house, you will lower the core temperature of your house structure. This is fantastic and even life-saving during heat waves, where it seems you can just never get cool. With your new system, high temperatures will not accrue in the house making it unlivable. Instead, you can sleep soundly every night.

Gone are the days when you begrudgingly turning on the heat because it is just too hot to do otherwise. Now your home can always have a comfortable environment and your family will be happy to always have a cool place to come home to.

Evaporative cooling is clearly the answer as it is cheaper, better for the environment, and better for your family!