New evaporative filters better for health and save power

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New Filters

We are all acutely aware of the dangers that we face in our lives every day, which is why we take steps to be as safe as possible. We buy cars with the latest safety equipment, install security systems in our homes, and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will help us live as long as humanly possible. We do all of that, yet we also make a point of ignoring the air that we breathe in our homes. Old air conditioning units gather dust, dirt, bacteria, and mold over time, and all of that junk is circulated back into the air that we breathe, which does not make for the healthiest of living conditions.


Older AC Units

Let’s not forget that older AC units also tend to need more power to work, especially when their filters become clogged and dirty. Not only are you breathing in awful air, you are paying a hefty financial price for the privilege of doing so. There are probably many of you out there who believe that this doesn’t apply to you because you have your AC unit regularly serviced, but unless said maintenance includes a deep cleaning, which it probably doesn’t, the air quality problem is going to persist, and probably get worse.

Cleaned every 12 months

Generally speaking, your air conditioning unit should be fully cleaned every 12 months or so, but very few people actually maintain that schedule, if they even submit to a cleaning at all. Some are happy to simply change out the filters, assuming that this will get the air back to a breathable quality. It does not. That same dirty old air is going to continue to be circulated around your home, causing potential health issues, especially if someone in your family has issues with breathing, such as asthma.

Filters in your office or warehouse

If you think things are bad in your home, just imagine what they must be like in your office or warehouse. The amount of pollution in the air in those larger spaces, many of which may be enclosed and windowless, is probably ridiculous. This is, of course, unless said employer has switched to an evaporative air conditioning system. This is an AC set-up that is ridiculously efficient, which means it costs less to operate, and which is also better for your health. In these systems, water is applied to evaporative filters, making the air that passes through them colder by design. To get an idea of what we mean, take a moment to blow on your finger. Now, wet that same finger and blow on it again and you will find it to be much cooler. That is the principle that evaporative filters work on.


Air con technicians service


When air con technicians service these units, they routinely change out the filters, ensuring that you get a better quality of air. It’s a cooling system that is beginning to quickly catch on in both residential and commercial properties, as it’s one that saves money and promotes better health through improved interior air quality.