Spare Parts for Evaporative Filters

spares evaporative cooling pads

If you have a regular air conditioning unit in your home, you are probably well aware that the filter needs to be cleaned or changed on a pretty regular basis if you want your unit to work at maximum capacity. Evaporative coolers have proven to be much more energy efficient and cost-friendly than the standard AC units, but they are also prone to the same types of problems that you get with any type of cooling system. If you find that your system is not cooling like it used to or that you monthly bills are higher due to energy loss, it may be time to call in the pros.


Evaporative cooling technician

The first thing that an evaporative cooling technician will do is look at the state of the filters in your set-up. This is the most common cause of the problems you experience, as is often the case with a traditional AC system. Depending on the type of evaporative filters being used, you should probably be changing them out on at least an annual basis, anyway. If it has been more than a year since you had the filters changed, you can almost guarantee that there is where your cooling problems will lie.


If that is not the case, and your filters are in great shape, it’s then obvious that the problem is in another part of your cooling system. There are all sorts of different evaporative parts that could cause a lack of efficiency in your entire system, which is why you really should have your cooling system inspected and maintained on a very regular basis. Catching small problems early on is the key to preventing bigger, more expensive issues from taking hold. When you have your system installed, you really should take the time to set up a maintenance schedule while you are at it.

Pads maintenance

While the technicians who service your equipment will have access to all the evaporative spare parts that you need, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a few of your own on hand. This is specifically true of larger locations such as businesses that may have a more complex set-up than the average homeowner. Having the most common spare parts on hand when the technician arrives means not running the risk of the part being temporarily unavailable or out of stock. The quicker you can get your system up and running, the quicker you can get back to a more effective way of cooling your premises.


When you have your evaporative cooling system installed, it’s absolutely imperative that you have it done by a company experienced in this type of system. If it’s not installed properly, you may end up going through more spare parts than you would ever have imagined, which will end up taking a bit of a chunk out of the financial savings you would otherwise experience. The same rules apply when it comes to maintenance. Only experienced professionals should ever be allowed anywhere near your system.